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To experience the Trieste of opera, ballets and concerts choose a Bed and Breakfast near the Verdi teather in Trieste.

The architect Matteo Pertsch, German descent, came to Italy when he was still a boy and studied at the academies in Rome and Milan. He also became involved in the new wave of neo-classicism arose as a result of archaeological discoveries and the growing love for classical antiquities. He moved then in Trieste, a booming central european city, in which were combining fashions, styles and artists from different countries and schools. He established himself immediately by winning the competition for the construction of the municipal theater now named after Giuseppe Verdi. The building was constructed between 1798 and 1801 on a strip of the old salt mines, already used as a boatyard where the first war vessels were made by the Austrian. The Pertsch, who had been a student of Piermarini, the architect who built the Scala teather in Milan, partially retraced that model although he adapted to a more compact and harmonious structure. The noble facade is ornated by pilasters and ionic semi-columns amd a massive quadrangular porch juts out the square: the order of the pilasters is repeated soberly on the rear facade where once opened a functional arched window, then eliminated by the restorations, which allow natural ventilation during summer performances. The composure and the harmony of structure deliberately prevails on the decoration entrusted to a few elements, pediments and windows frames, simple capitals and, on the top, the statues of Apollo between the muse of lyric and dramatic. On the sides of the ashlar base two statues, Pluto and Mars enliven the chiaroscuro of the niches.

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