BNB Trieste - Bed and breakfast near the St. Spiridione Serbs Orthodox temple

Book a bed and breakfast near St. Anthony Square and enjoy your stay in one of the loveliest corners of the city of Trieste: you can relax in one of the historical cafes like Joyce coffee and the Stella Polare café, in the area of the Borgo  Teresiano, Grand Canal and Ponterosso, or visit the Gopcevich Palace which houses the Civic Theatrical Museum Carlo Schmild or discover the treasures housed in the church of S. Spiridione.

One sides of Piazza Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony Square) is dominated by the sparkling gold and colors of the temple of SS. Trinity and St. Spyridon Serbs Orthodox temple : the entrance, overlooks the homonymous street although in the initial project must be open onto a large garden. The church building start in 1861 in the area that previously housed the greek-illyrian church; the work lasted several years because due to the bulk of the structure the underlying ground required a consolidation process by piling. The project by C. Maciacchini from Milan was built by P. Palese in collaboration with the sculptors A. Caremi and E. Bisi, the painter G. Bertini for the ornamental parts and with Venetian mosaic artists. When completed in 1869 it was solemnly consecrated. The building has a capacity of 1,600 people, it is shaped on a Greek cross plan and it is covered by five domes, according to the Eastern Byzantine tradition. The facade parted in four horizontal bands, the gate, the small arches, and the mullioned windows contribute to emphasize the general coloring; the interior is dominated by the iconostasis, from Moscow and from the mid-nineteenth century, whose depictions are covered with gold glitter, silver and precious stones. A jeweled cross made of gold and silver, with Jesus crucified and at the foot the Madonna and San Giovanni, performed in 1881 above the altar, the table is adorned with a silver bas-relief depicting the Last Supper.

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