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Choosing a B&B or a holiday home in Trieste near the Roman theater means starting your visit from the very center of the city and easily discover the main museums as well as the Roman monuments and artefacts found in close areas.

It represent the best preserved Roman building in Trieste: in Roman times it was situated a few steps from the sea beach, with a beautiful facade divided by niches and marble columns and decorated with life-size statues of which only fragments remain. Another facade, built like a temple, constituted the scene, on the inner side.

Between the two facades there were small dressing rooms where the actors made themselves up and prepared. Unfortunately, the entire complex was despoiled of its marbles, columns and other parts and later fell into decay. Only partly remain the walls of the dressing rooms, some column base and some architectural fragments.

On other hand it is well preserved the semicircular wall that delimited the auditorium for audience. Taking advantage of the natural slope of the hill have been built a series of steps, divided into three sectors where about three thousand people could take place. The first tier with limestone seats was destined to the city authorities.

The wall is well preserved because for centuries it has been incorporated in the medieval houses which arose in this area. The remains of the Roman Theater were brought to light only in 1935, although it the existence of the theater was already known because of the name “old rena” given to that area: the name is an obvious corruption of Arena (sand). However it seems that in 1400 the auditorium was still used for performances.

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