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If you are looking for B&B in Trieste near the Audace pier and Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia, look at our offer of bed & breakfast and apartments. Choosing a bed and breakfast in Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia means to overlook one of the most picturesque scenery offered by the city.

Initially it was named San Carlo pier because it had been built in 1751 on San Carlo wreck sunk eight years before. On 3 November 1918, the landing pier experienced its most significant and touching day when the destroyer Audace docked on it and the general Pelitti Roreto  desembarked and proclaimed "to take possession of the city of Trieste on behalf of the King" It was the long-awaited and suffered annexation to Italy and the happiness of the population was so overhelmed that the Bersaglieri (a kind of sharpshooters), disembarked on the landing pier (hence its name "Bersaglieri") were literally suffocated by the crowd embrace. In order to commemorate this important moment in the history of Trieste, the Audace anchor was deposed at the basement of the Victory Lighthouse, which rises from a Karst edge in the district of Gretta.

Staying in a bed and breakfast near the Audace pier and Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia means living in the heart of the city: you can relax by spending time in the historic Cafè Caffe degli Specchi, take a stroll along the pier Molo Audace or explore the narrow streets of the Old Town and Cavana district.

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