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The history of the Opicina tram started on September 9th, 1902, the day of his inauguration. It was a day of great celebration for the city that finally realized the project that since from the stage of planning had to pass through troubled vicissitudes.

Even before the XX century it felt the need of a direct connection between the village of Opicina and the city of Trieste: originally, the project envisaged the extension of the line to Monrupino-Dutovlje, until the Vipava Valley in order to link an area which provided many fruit and vegetables to the city. The current route Trieste-Opicina must therefore represent the first part of a significant plan, however, it remained unfulfilled because of the war.

After various vicissitudes on January 9th, 1901 the General Company of Electricity established in Vienna obtained the assignment to build up a tramway between Oberdan square and the center of Villa Opicina, 329 mt above sea level.

On September 5th the line had been tested and on 9th opening ceremony took place with the presence of the authorities and the Press. With regard to the technical details, the tramcars were initially provided with a toothed wheel which allowed them to overcome the steeper sections of the route. Starting from 27th April 1928 a truck powered by wire ropes was used as an auxiliary locomotive.

During the 70's and 80 tram the service has been interrupted several time due to numerous maintenance. Currently the tram is a unique example in Europe for his technical specifications and it is not just a means of transport for workers and day-trippers (the transport of bicycles is allowed), but it becomes also a tourist attraction.

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