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Choose a bed and breakfast or a holiday house in the area of Rimembranza Park to visit the monumental area located on the hill of San Giusto in Trieste. You will have the opportunity to visit the Cathedral of San Giusto, the Castle of San Giusto, the propileum, the museum of history and art and the lapidary garden.

The San Giusto castle dominates the city from a hill fortified by defensive walls and bastions that give it the appearance of an impregnable fortress. In 1469 after conquering back the city, Frederick III gave orders to build a castle in order to dampen the rebel spirits of the citizens. Moreover the fortress could be helpful to counter the attacks of the Turks, who pushed more and more frequent raids in the west. They belong to the period Federico II the square tower and the building of two floors headquarters today, on the ground floor independent company director for tourism in Trieste and in the other of the civic museum of the castle.

At a second stage refers round bastion that surrounds and protects the existing building, erected between 1508 and 1509 from Venice when, following the Riva Pact, regained the dominance of Trieste. A new change of power, with Austria return slowed work down further: by 1557, at the behest of Hoyos Imperial captain arose the spur of the southeast known as "Lalio bastion" by the designer who introduced and spread the structure "snub nose" made here. The work was completed in 1561. Within the wide ramparts, underground Hoyos and the large square of the militias have been adapted to an increasingly warm receptivity often used for the preparation of exhibitions concerts and theater performances: among these spaces indicates the characteristic "wine shop."

Staying at a B&B on the San Giusto hill will allow you to relive the history of Trieste from Roman times to the Venetian domination.

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