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Choosing a bed and breakfast near the revoltella Museum means staying in the heart of the pedestrian area of the historic center: a strategic location will let you reach, with a pleasant stroll, the most interesting tourist attractions such as Piazza dell'Unità d'Italia , Piazza Hortis and the Civic Library, Piazza Venezia, the Marine Aquarium, the Convention Center of the "Maritime Station" and the Exhibition center "Salone degli Incanti".

The area also houses many restaurants, wine bars and trattorias where you can taste local specialties.

The Revoltella Museum is being named after one of the most active and successful entrepreneurs of the nineteenth century in Trieste, this building houses a rich collection of valuable and significant works thanks to the love for art of Revoltella and to his munificent bequest. Once the collection increase in quantity and value two buildings, the former Brunner’s house and former Basevi’s building, were annexed to the original building with a complex restructuring plan just partially completed in 1984. Currently, the collection includes nearly 400 works distributed over an exhibition area of about forty rooms, spread over 6 floors in the building. Among the best-known Italian authors include Canova, Hayez, Fattori, Induno, De Nittis, Ciardi, Nono, Trentacoste, Bistolfi, Prevati, De Chirico, Savino, Sironi, Casorati, Morandi, Martini, Pomodoro, Manzù, Guttuso, Vedova, Viani, Marini, Capogrossi, Fontana and Burri. Tra gli autori giuliani si citano Bison, Tominz, Gatteri, Dell’Acqua, Scomparini, Veruda, Rietti, Sambo, Parin, Nathan, Bolaffio, Sofianopulo, Marussig, Sbisà, Mascherini.

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