BNB Trieste - Bed & breakfast near the Rosandra valley

Choose a bed and breakfast in the beautiful natural setting of the Rosandra Valley just a few kilometers from the center of Trieste to spend your holidays immersed in nature, sport and outdoor life.

Situated a few kilometers south-east of the city, the Rosandra Valley is a small oasis with an almost alpine features inside the Karst plateau. His deep rift, which does not exceed three kilometers wide, forwards deeply into the Karst, by forming the only coastal outlet for the inland areas: for this reason, since the Middle Ages, it represented one of the most important transport routes for the Slavic and German markets that supplied Trieste with grain, skins, timber, utensils, wine oil and salt. At that time the Moccò castle defended the road, collected the toll and tried to convince the caravans to go down to the city instead of the Istrian coast. This trade route, in the past known with  the name of “street of Karsts”, was the cause of bitter disputes between Trieste and Venice, and coming more and more often blocked by a series of wars between the two cities, gradually lost its importance and felt into disuse.

Nowadays the Val Rosandra is the destination for hiking tours by sunday walkers and mountain lovers. Small canyons are shaped due to erosion by the flow of water in the valley, that despite the apparent calm, once descended impetuous and turbulent. The pools of water, the waterfalls, the ridge unevenness are comparable to the more celebrated mountainous areas. In this area is located the refuge Premuda, the lowest refuge in Italy, just 100 meters above sea level, that houses the alpine school founded by Emilio Comici.

BNBTrieste selects for you the best B&B on the Karst and in the Rosandra Valley area. 

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