B&B Trieste - Bed and breakfast on the Krast

Spend your stay in the unique landscape of the Karst (Carso), a plateau  located a few kilometers from the center of Trieste. It is a unique environment characterized by woods, meadows of deserts and a fascinating underground world. The environment becomes particularly impressive in the autumn when the sump shrubs and the leaves of the terebinth paint the limestone rocks with an intense red. By selecting a bed and breakfast located on the Karst you will have the opportunity to discover the small villages of Villa Opicina, Monrupino, Rupingrande, Rupinpiccolo, Sgonico, Sales, Samatorza, Ternova, Precenico and Malchina, characterized by ancient stone houses from vineyards, fig trees and small taverns, called "osmizze", where you can enjoy smoked ham, typical products and a good glass of Terrano or Prosecco wine. Do not miss to visit the Val rosandra, the Monrupino church and the Giant cave, the tourist cave containing the largest natural room in the world.

Points of interest near Karst